A Little about our story.....

Giving 360 was started in 2010 by Dan and  Brenda Weiand with the the full support of Crossroads Community Church in South Lyon, MI.

During the downturn in the economy Dan and Brenda were affected like many others. Having four kids of their own they realized if they were going through financial struggles, other families were struggling as well.  Realizing this, they went online and found a program for a fee that pairs you up with different companies to pick up their donated items. Those things can include returned, seasonal, display or clearance items.

Once  donated items are picked up and brought to the building, a great staff of Dedicated Volunteers sort through the items to find out what is usable to be put out and given free of charge to people in need by appointment.

The only requirement is, anything you receive from Giving 360 cannot be returned to a store or sold. If you are finished using it please pass it forward to somebody else that would put it to good use. We do not consider this free store it is Giving 360. The expectation is, we ask you to pay it forward. Paying it forward can include putting a little extra in the basket on Sunday, the red bucket at Christmas time, babysitting somebody’s kids for free, making a meal for a shut-in or helping someone with Giving 360. These are not the only way you can pay it forward but you get the idea. The whole idea behind Giving 360 is to keep the giving going out into the community, empowering and lifting up others in their community.